FINE DINE, Parties $ Wine

Red Wine or White Wine? If you are a wine lover like me get now Fine Dine, Parties, & Wine, an essential beginner’s guide that can help you understand the basics governing the complicated relationship between food and wine. The book is packed with valuable insights into: 
•The different types of wines 
•The difference between red and white wine 
•The factors that govern the taste and texture of your wine 
And much more...Buy now your ultimate personal wine selection and pairing handbook.


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I. LUBLIN serum

If you want to have a perfect skin, I have for you this I. Lublin Vitamin C Serum. It's 100% natural and with rapid results. It is designed to smooth wrinkles around the eyes, on the forehead and around the lips. Does not matter what kind of skin you have, this serum maintains compatibility with all three major skin types... Normal, Dry, and Oily skin. It will not clog or irritate your pores, and anyone suffering from dry, sensitive skin will also enjoy the nourishing effects. Also avoid injections which could be painful or give skin reactions, by opting for this premium, safe and effective serum, that comes complete with a pump for easy application.
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Premium @mekudos corner guards that protect your child from sharp and absorbs large impacts. Easy to install.

- Highest Quality material that has received the highest safety-rating that absorbs large impacts

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LA CUCHARA Restaurant

Delicious restaurant in Calle Conde de PeƱalver 82, Madrid, Spain. It was a really good time where I've experienced a tipical venezuelan food. There was chalupa, a kind of meat lasagna, and potato pie, both dishes very original and I personally liked for good taste. The main dish was the turn of the famous arepas, made in several ways. The dessert was an original flan. 
I really recommend you this restaurant if you are in Madrid or you are planning to come here soon. Everything was just perfect. Here you have the website where you can find all the information about this magic place.



On the occasion that you are looking for a cocktail bar set with a series of useful accessories, then the ‘Stainless Steel Professional 7pc Cocktail Bar Set’ from Eximius Power might be the best possible alternative for you. 

This Eximius Power bar set includes 550ml Cocktail Shaker, 20/40ml Double Jigger, Ice Tongs, Corkscrew, Bottle Opener, and a Storage rack. The accessories are aesthetically very pleasing with metallic red shade in combination with the versatile silver color. With 304 18/8 Grade stainless steel, the accessories can serve you for a long time with their heavy-duty and rust resistant properties. Whether it is Margaritas, Mojitos or Martinis, you can rock the stage with this set of professional accessories. It doesn’t cleave to any odors in between drink mixing.

With 18/8 grade sturdy, long-lasting, corrosion & rust resistant stainless steel, versatile color combination, and odor-free drink mixing, it’s a perfect set of accessories for any cocktail enthusiasts.

It’s a really great product and I highly recommend it.
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American Idol runner up Lauren Alaina is releasing her new album "Road Less Travelled". This Album is very inspiring to woman, uplifting and empowering. Love it!
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