Today I want to introduce you Dancer Flip, combine fun, action and exercise. Jump onto the Dancer Flip -Bounce! Turn! Twist! Exercise while having lots of fun!

Flexible cylindrical spring allows you to twist and dance in every position, with your feet firmly planted on a curved footbase. Firm, non slip grips keep your feet securely in place - even while you’re in motion.

Strongest grade rubber grips are at the base of the Dance Flipper. They grip all surfaces securely and safely, so you can dance flip both outdoors and indoors, on concrete, the lawn, carpet and tiles.

Buy one for the entire family to enjoy! Its is safe for all! From mom and dad, all the way to your little 6 year old too! Supports up to 250 lbs.

Take the lightweight Dancer Flip with you everywhere you want to combine fun, action and exercise. just place it in your nice size bag, and get going!

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