Wonderful Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle by Iron Forged 

Insulated Protein Mixing Cup with Blender Ball and built in Aggregator-Black, 25oz....
It's so useful and cool. This Durable Bottle allows you to keep drinks insulated for the most strenuous activities. Aggregator comes built into the twist top for ease of use.

Keeps drinks better then Plastic Bottles. Condenses enough to see how much drink you have left. Head to work and then the gym without worrying about your drink spoiling

Both the built in aggregator and the whisk ball will ensure your protein powder gets broken up for clump-free protien shake. The blender pop top prevents any messes while you shake up your drinks and opens easily with one hand for quick drink
It's perfect to mix your Supplements, Protein, or smoothies for an easy Pre-workout or Post-workout boost
Crafted with high quality materials to take with you to the gym, yoga,outdoors, or just on the go. Drinks do not react with this premium steel, which means you don't need to worry about ingesting BPA chemicals.

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