I would like to show you Estroblock in 60 Capsules. Acne, Anti Toxic Estrogen Aromatase Inhibitor Blocker. Soy Free, Dairy Free and Non-GMO...

I am 27 years old and STILL suffer from cystic, hormonal acne. After reviewing this product, I bought a bunch of different products. My skin started clearing and I was starting to feel so much better! Unfortunately, I stopped buying a few products due to financial circumstances. All of a sudden, my face was breaking out again!! What I didn't realize was that this product was the one that was clearing my skin. So, when I was able to purchase it again, I finally realized that of course, this product is the ONLY thing that is clearing my skin! Believe me, I have tried just all skin product and medication out there, from Doxycycline to Accutane, from ProActiv to Rodan & Fields (yes, I know, same people). I have tried OTC. I have tried prescription. I have tried organic. Other than light therapy, this is the only thing that I have found that works for me. I just pray it continues to work and it's effectiveness doesn't wear off!! So, I just wanted to let others know that, if they have cystic, hormonal acne like me, then they should definitely give this a try!
P.S. I would post pics, but I'm too scarred at the moment. So, if anybody has a good fading cream, let me know!!
NO other product in the market even comes close. This product is converted in the gastric area in much lower dosages to reduce unnecessary forms of estrogens. Now added to this incredible combination of potent phytochemicals. The new EstroBlock "Pro Formula" has everything you've come to know and love about EstroBlock, plus a whole lot more! This new product has the ability to target various forms of harmful unmetabolized estrones (16aOHE and 4-Methoxyestrone). Doctors are now using Estroblock Pro Triple Strength in conjunction with all natural bio identical therapy. A handful of anti aging experts recognize the existence of over 40 different estrogen metabolites originating from all sex hormones. The critical discovery on hormone metabolism is that these potent ingredients in Estroblock Pro assist in the detoxification of the bad forms of these metabolites, while actually increasing the good forms of estrogen, such as 2-Hydroxyestrone that improve human health. Talk with your doctor about the use of Estroblock Pro.

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