CLICK Coffee Protein Drink

CLICK®, the coffee lover’s protein drink, provides the decadent taste and energy you crave along with the nutrition your body needs making it easier for you to stick to your plan and achieve your health, fitness and weight-loss goals. Here’s how:
1. The Right Protein - for weight control, you need a protein source that keeps you full for hours. Many protein shakes are actually too high in protein, fat, and calories to support weight loss effectively. A stable calorie releasing protein like the high-grade protein found in CLICK® takes longer to digest, helping you feel full for hours and helps to curb hunger cravings. Unlike most protein powders, CLICK® can be made cold or blended as well as hot!
2. Double-Shot of Real Gourmet Espresso Coffee - Most coffee protein powders use added, inexpensive caffeine additives or coffee flavors with little caffeine. CLICK® contains premium-grade espresso coffee to give that true rich gourmet flavor and a healthy 150mg of caffeine of energy. Plus, coffee is a natural thermogenic which helps to enhance fat burning, masks fatigue and speeds up recovery in exercise.
3. Essential Nutrition - CLICK® is not just a simple protein supplement. Many protein shakes and drinks lack the essential vitamins and minerals to ensure that the body is getting overall nutrition while slimming down. With 1/3 of your daily nutrients in every serving, CLICK can be enjoyed as an 
• All-In-One Breakfast Meal Replacement
• Appetite-Curbing, Guilt-Free, Mid-Day Snack
• Pre or Post Workout Drink

Get it now here: https://drinkclick.com/

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