Are you worried about how to launder your clothes while travelling? You don't prefer to wash your pet's clothing and workshop robes in your washing machine? We have a perfect solution here; the EasyWash - Mobile Handheld Washer. Start using the EasyWash gadget for your daily laundry or hard stained clothing  Ideal Washing Gadget - This EasyWash gadget is the best item to have in time crunch, emergency and travelling. This is very useful for military, church missionaries. Also this handheld washer is most proffered at locations where power outages are very frequent  Supplement To Normal Washing - The gadget is best alternative to washing soiled cloth diaper, greased and chemical covered shop rag in the washing machine. This washer is perfect for those items you would rather not prefer to put in the electric washing machine. This washer is perfect for pre wash and helping with tough stains, delicate items, as well as large or bulky items (comforters/blankets, sleeping bags, rugs) or even single items you don't have time to run through an electric wash cycle.  Simple Operation - Partially fill 2 buckets of 5 gallons of water, add laundry detergent and place clothes inside. Place washing wand on top of clothes and push down and pull up to activate the washing and cleaning of clothes. The water is pushed and sucked through the clothes to provide a thorough cleaning.  Easy Storage - The washer fits into a small compartment on an RV or in small storage space or closet.  Less Water Consumption - The average washing machine uses 40 gallons per cycle compared to 10 gallons or less for EasyWash gadget.

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