While travelling, you really want to make the most of your destination so you go home feeling like you haven't missed anything and that you've really got a feel for the place. Here you have some musts to visit in Barcelona. If you can't get to them all, you can always come back.

First of all, where to stay, as you may know Barcelona has a great offer of hotels, apartaments...I would recommend you Barcelona Student Housing to book your accommodation while you are in the city. Check out the website and choose the one you like.

Barcelona is a really big city, but a perfect size to discover it on foot. Spend a day away from the metro and the tourist bus, and take your time walking around and eating some of the city's great gastronomic options. You should visit some of the most beautiful buildings and parks, you'll want to see all the Parc de la Ciutadella as well as the Montjuïc castle or Sagrada Familia, the top famous monument of Barcelona. Head up to Horta, get to know Sant Andreu district, see a unknown side of the Eixample and enjoy the panoramic views.

You obiously have to try Tapas, many options to choose, traditional, elaborate, places where "Patatas Bravas" are the stars and tapas bars all around the city. And of course, everything tastes better accompanied by a good wine, red or white, both are great. Maybe you prefer beer or cocktails, do not worry, you'll find many places too.

As an international city, Barcelona is full of cultures and heritages, and with every step you take through any street, you'll be shock about the great history you can find in any corner. Try to visit all the incredible museums the city has to offer, I'm sure you won't get bored.

Plan your trip to Barcelona and enjoy this mediterranean city with great beaches, culture, food, nightlife and much more.


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