Adri's Kitchen bowls

High Quality Adri's Kitchen bowls are made of top rated high quality stainless steel with a mirror polish finish. They will not get bumped or scratched. Built to last a lifetime, they will not rust and are dishwasher safe. The bowls are so versatile they can store food in the freezer and fridge as well. The non-slip silicone bottoms make mixing a breeze, you barely even need to hold the bowl while mixing or whisking, and they will not slip or spin. Perfect for prepping, cooking and baking! These bowls will make you feel like a pro in the kitchen, making your tasks a breeze! The lids keeps food fresh and allows the bowls to serve as storage after you are done your meal. These BPA free plastic lids are convenient after you finish your meal you can quickly clear a table, simply put the lid on the bowl and pop it in the fridge! Great for when you have people over and you have leftovers and do not want to spend time cleaning up! Sizes These bowls come in three different sizes Largest bowl: 8 quart Medium Bowl: 5 quart Small bowl: 1.5 quart Our Promise We guarantee your satisfaction 100% if you are not happy with your item for any reason we will return or exchange your item no questions asked.

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