DELIGHT ALL YOUR SENSES WITH OUR BLOOD ORANGE MASSAGE OIL CANDLES Our signature massage oil candle fills your home with the delicious citrus scent of Blood Orange...it feels like a powerful, relaxing aromatherapy massage right in the middle of a mouth-watering orchard! Simply turn the lights low, put on some soothing music, and melt the candle down into our deliciously aromatic oil. Wait a few minutes for it to cool, and our massage oil will relieve stress, eliminate anxiety, and create an atmosphere of incredible peace and rejuvenation. On top of the wonderful blood orange fragrance, we've even blended a healthy heaping of coconut and jojoba oil into the mix as well...so a neck and back rub with this Destiny Candle massage oil will soften and moisturize your skin while inducing deep levels of relaxation. Best part is...each melting candle reveals a surprise piece of beautiful jewelry-valued anywhere from $10 to $10,000. You never know what you'll get...but each item will leave you grinning ear-to-ear and ready to show off your new piece! Our massage-oil candles will reignite the "spark" and make everything feel like it did at the very beginning of your relationship...exciting, passionate, romantic and loving! Your friends and family will ALL want to know your secret once they see the way you and your partner begin to look at each other once more...with longing, with desire, and with that special, intimate grin on your faces after a night of massage with our oil. Keep our oil as your own little secret, or share it to help those you love! Destiny Candles are made by Karen Michelle-featured on Ellen, The Hallmark Channel, and more! Join countless women around the world whose relationships are improving because of this amazing and unique oil. Available in 8oz glass, 8oz tin with spout, and 4oz tin. Simply choose your favorite option and treat yourself today!

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