Kitchen Utensils - 6-Piece Black Kitchen Utensils Set

Whether cooking for your family and friends or working in a professional setting, this set will help you to manage all the daily cooking tasks you need to do in your kitchen. Nylon is safe to use and won't scratch or damage your pots and pans, even when scraping the bottom. Safe to use with Teflon, ceramic and enamel coated kitchenware. This set is sturdy, heat resistant, BPA free and dishwasher safe.
Practical and stylish, this utensils combination of nylon and stainless steel would be a great helper and decoration in your kitchen. The handles have holes for easy hanging. The modern look will match your kitchen beautifully. The stylish kit comes in a nice box and thus makes the perfect gift for many occasions.
The kitchen essentials set includes the most important tools that you need for everyday cooking without cluttering up your kitchen with unnecessary gadgets. Included are six pieces essential for any kitchen: Skimmer Ladle Spaghetti server Slotted spatula Serving spoon Slotted spoon
Get it here:  https://rands-pro.com

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