Premium Car Trunk Organizer | 2-Compartment Foldable Cargo Container + 10 Exterior Pockets

Premium Car Trunk Organizer | 2-Compartment Foldable Cargo Container + 10 Exterior Pockets.

Serious Storage ✔ 2 large storage areas + 8 exterior mesh pockets + 2 front and back pouches. ✔ Anchor straps included. ✔ Easily store oversize equipment like toolboxes, blankets, jumper cables and emergency kits in the main compartments, while keeping flashlights, pens, tools and other smaller items easily accessible in the side pockets. ✔ Stops groceries, emergency road supplies, yoga mats, sports equipment, kids' toys and other items from spilling, falling over, or rolling around your trunk. ✔ Collapsible design folds flat and buckles shut in a matter of seconds so you can use your entire trunk space at a moment's notice. Easy! Built to last ✔ Strong compartment floors and sidewalls won't sag, warp, or lose structure. Your organizer will stay upright for years. ✔ Perfect for shopping trips! Thick nylon handles let you carry in big loads without fear of breaking or tearing. Designed to last a lifetime. ✔ Ultra-durable materials will make this cargo container last a lifetime. You'll never need a replacement for your car, auto, truck, or SUV. ✔ Non-slip gripper pads and included straps prevent sliding around. Your cargo will stay firmly in place. Premium Materials, Quality Construction ✔ Unlike many of our competitors, Red Oak Outfitters organizers are not manufactured with cheap materials that will leave your car smelling like a chemical factory. ✔ Don't be fooled by knock-offs and cheap alternatives. Compare our item weight (4.3 pounds) with the competition to know you're buying quality. Expanded dimensions: 22.5" long x 14.5" wide x 12.5" tall Folds flat to 2.5" 2 straps + bonus car registration / insurance holder included in every purchase

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