If you are a skinny guy and you're trying to gain lean muscle, here you'll find everything you need to get a great body for...
summer, it's not that complicated, just change your lifestyle.


get enough protein to support muscle growth
most of people don't know that diet is more important than exercice to build up muscles, you should have a hight protein diet, eat more foods of the list bellow
eggs, greek yogurt, salmon, tuna leen beef, cottage cheese, shrimp, soybeans, tilapia, quinoa, oatmeal, chickpeas, peanuts, buckwheat, tofu, almonds, milk, brown rice.
drink enough water, you could cheek our protein shakes and recipes. 

2- work out:

if you are not used to work out, at the begining would be tough to get to the gym, here you'll find some advices to help you start to work out. 
first, having a sexy body must be your goal, repeat aloud  your specific goal in your head.
Ask your girlfriend or a friend  that would  help you draw strength 
you should build an effective exercise routine
limit your overall training to about 45 minutes a day.
Training with high reps is good for building endurance you should work out hard in short time because if not you will lose weight, but not building muscles.
you must train all your muscles, if you train your whole body you'll get better results, 
you must Include cardio training before starting your dialy exercise, try to do some runing about 15 to 20 min that would improve your blood flow, make sure to rest and relax after working out, your body needs time to recover,  lifting is a great way to build up your muscles, here you have some exercise that you could practice at home 

Leg exercises
Push exercises
Pull exercises
Core exercises

Lift heavy things

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