it's easter, it's time for easter eggs also called pascual eggs.
this article will teach you how to make your own easter eggs... actually children would love that, it's no that complicated to make easter eggs at home
for easter eggs recipe you'll need:
dark chocolate finely chop
egg mould 

over a low heat fill a small pan with water put a heatproof bowl on top add the chocolate stir well until it's completly melted 
remove the bowl from the heat and leave to cool to 32ºC.
put the chocolate into your mould one tablespoon at a time, make sure to cover all the mould surface, with a knife clean the edge of the mould.
in a  greaseproof surface  place the mould flat-side-down until the chocolate has completely set.
Once the chocolate has set, repeat the process  until you’ve built up a strong layer of chocolate around 
put your eggs in the fridge about 20 minutes 
gently and carefuly remove the mould 

you can decorate youe eggs using candy or white chocolate

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