If you wanna celebrate something or just having a great night with your girl this article may help you, just follow these steps and you'll have your magical night...

1-you should start by preparing a beautifull and romantic ambience, you could use scented candles, better if you choose red, pink and white ones.
you must make the place smell wonderfull like using a good essence.
having some flowers around would be just great and if's better if are your girl's favourate ones, she will love the gesture and 100% she will want you 

2- your clothing is important, you must choose a elegant outfit.
girls love musculine guys, you gotta be very manly acting mature, strong and confident.

3-prepare a good dinner, if you're gifted in kitchen, will be nice if you prepare something special as her favourite plate or the first meal you have had together, if you're not that good in kitchen don't worry just order something she likes.
desert is so important, anything with chocolate would be just perfect.
for drinks red or wite wine, champagne would be what you need.

4-don't be corny, don't try to force your self or being in presure just express what you feel and be yourself.

5-put on a good music not just the romantic one like everybody does, but the songs that both of you like.

6-Ask your girlfriend to dance in a very sweet way, doesn't matter if you're not a good dancer, hold her close to you, relish what you feel for her, hold her gently but manly, strong, you must make her feel your love and strengh.
NOTE: dot not behave childish or inmature, if your girl get that image of you she will never get rid of it, she will start to have doubs about her relationship with you, she will start to feel lack of attraction toward you. 
remenber if you don't know your girl's favourate flowers you shouldn't be proud of yourself as a boyfriend most of girls love flowers 

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