Sometimes we must clean up our bodies, that would help us to lose weight, also it's healthy here you have three...
natural juices recipes, easy to make at home.

recipe 1 apple juice:
1 green apple, whole unpeeled
100 grams Chinese Cabbage 
½ Lemon 
pinch of salt
teaspoon of honey 
Mixing all the ingredients together in juicing 
enjoy your juice, this amazing recipe will accelerate body detoxing process.
NOTE: would be much better it's you have it before breakfast 

recipe 2 Kohlrabi juice for this recipe we  will need:
50g Kohlrabi
20 g Strawberry
2 slice Muskmelon 
½ lemon 
pinch of salt 
mix up the kohlrabi, muskmelon, lemon, strawberry and salt in juicing and enjoy your juice, this juice helps in easing constipation, it's perfect for our digestive system
NOTE: would be much better it's you have it before breakfast 

recipe3: Bitter Gourd juice 
We are not used to consume Bitter Gourd, in this recipe is the main ingredient
Bitter Gourd has been used in chineese and hindu  medecine for centuries.
Bitter groud has so many health benefits like relief of menstrual problems or cancer prevention, the University of Peradeniya researchers revealed that bitter gourd can be  used to destroy cancer cells.

100g Bitter Gourd
110 ml water
a banana
50 g apple 
peel the apple and mix it with the rest of the ingredients, this juice will dissolve fat and bad cholesterol
we should drink it at least three times a week 

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