There are more unhealthy mother-children's relationships than you might think, in fact most of people thinks that their relashionship with their mother is normal or this is how...
their mother's behavier  is,  and there nothing to do about it .
There are signs that shows if your mother is a toxic one or not, if you have one, you should can catch her in time and save your relashionship and your entire life, perhaps you might not know it but a toxic relashionship with your mother could destroy you emotionaly and your life can be infected by bitterness. Here are a few signs to help you detect if your relashionship with your mother is a healthy one or not. 


The mothers's control considered a normal way, is absolutly not normal. mothers control is one of the first sign of toxic mother and it's so dangerous . 
A toxic mother pay no attention to their sons feelings or needs, they often project a set of needs onto their sons and using the same lame excuse, it's for your  “own good”, she always will try to  keep you from reaching higher goals, she will make you feel guilty when you complain about her behavior, she say that you complain about her because you're not good enough to do things on your  own.

2- criticism:

A toxic mother criticize everything that you'll do in your life, for her, you're good in nothing, that would low your selfestime, you will lose your self-control, you will find yourself trying to do things to change her opinion about her you will forget yourself, your needs, goals, feelings, dot not try to change her point of view because you'll never be able to just think about your hapiness.

3- joke

Having fun with your parents is not something bad but if your mother jokes about you constantly, it can cause psychological damage. Her jokes are not for fun, they are a way to make you believe someting .

4-No boundaries

A toxic mother is always snooping around and invading privacy. They try so hard to never give you room to be with yourself to have your own life, she will manipulate you in believing that she is just concerned about you when really she want to control you to never slip from her control.

5-Mama drama

Communications is never enough, chatting with her never satisfy her, she makes every mistake seem like the end of the world, blowing everything out of proportion.
She is always the victim, she will make you fell horrible, guilty, the worst if you are not doing when she requires, she is the best mother and you're the worst son in history. 
She crys and will make you feel responsable for her hapiness, it's like is your respinsability to make her happy. 

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