Here you have the best homemade natural remedies for sunburn...

1- apple cider vinegar 

add a cup and a half of apple cider vinegar to a bath 

2 - Aloe Vera

aloe vera will help your peeling skin to heal

3 - Cucumbers 
cucumber will refresh your skin, cucumber is a strang antioxidant apply it to the sunberned zones 

4 - baking soda 
mix baking soda waith water and apply it on your skin

baking soda will ease irritation and redness of your skin

5 - chamomile essential oil 
you can use chamomile essential oil in a bath or apply it directly on your sunburned skin 

6 - coconut oil

apply some coconut oil on your skin that would help your skin hydratation 

7- olive oil 

olive oil will help decrease inflammation caused by sunburn

8 - olive oil and apple vinager 

mix olive oil and apple vinager and apply on your peeling skin that will relieve the pain and hydratate your skin 

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