Premenstrual syndrome affect up to 85 percent of menstruating women 
Common symptoms are acne, sore breasts, bloating...
tiredness, irritability and mood swings.
Many researchers believe that the PMS is caused due to the hight levels of estrogen and progesterone,  if your symptoms don’t go away you should go to see a doctor
There are things you can do to get rid of PMS, you must know that your lifestyle changes are available to help you cut down on the hormones problems.

1-your diet:

You have to improve your diet, especially a week before your period, reduce salty food and caffeine 
here you have a list of food that could relieve PMS
- fruits and vegetables 

-rich calcium, magnesium,vitamin c   foods like yogurt,brocoli,beans,tofu,peanut,oranges,banana

-drink a lot of water 

-rich omega 3 foods like tuna and sardines 

-rolled oats

-eggs and milk

-dark chocolate 



3- yoga 

4-camomile tea
a week before your period try to drink a lot of camomile tea

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