this a simple beautiful makeup we start by the eyes
1-eyeshadow base...
apply base eyeshadow all over your lid up to your brow 
2-  eyelids

apply golden-beige eyeshadow all over your eyelid
3-  eye crease 

use light brown eyeshadow for your crease, with light pressure put another layer along your crease
4- eye edges
use a little bit of black ayeshadow on your eyes edges to darken a bit 
epply a black eyeliner in your eyes
 the best way to  plump up your eyelashes without falsies. first apply the first coat of mascara wait for a second or two when it's dry put the second one.
don't put to much makeup to not look so artificial, make sure to clean your face before starting your makeup.
apply matte foundation all over your face and neck then makeup powder 

apply your blash the pink you BRONZER one like your prefer 
apply red lipsstick for lips

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