treatment for cellulite
cellulite is a cosmetic condition, affects nearly 90% of... women, it's not impossible to get rid of it, don't believe everything you heard, there are a lot of myths about eleminating and causes of cellulite.

New York City-based dermatologist Cheryl Karcher said that the cellulite is caused by poor circulation lack of exercise and muscle tone, excess fat and hormones troubles.

1. exercice:

exercice would help to get rid of cellulite, work out will reduce fat and improve your circulation 
strength training helps ths body and muscles improvement also smooth your skin.

2. creams 

don't speend a fortune in creams, not all creams are useful to get rid of cellulite most of creams are completely useless.


 eating a well-balanced diet will help keep a healthy weight and reduce fat, you should consume more protein to give your muscles strengh and foods with high water content, here below you'll find high wter content foods:
cucumbers.pepper.water melon,tomaoes in general fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of water up to 90%.

4. prohibited smoking

smoking affects a lot our health in general, make your skin wrinkle and look bad 
cigarattes affects the circulation, leave skin dry and discolored  ergo cellulite.


massages improve the flow of blood. 

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