Woosh Polarized Sunglasses for the Outdoors – Must Have Fashion Accessory for Men and Women It's morning. You've had your first cup of coffee, and you step out the door. The...
sun hits you right in the eyes, and you realize it's time for you to get a good pair of sunglasses. 

This sunglasses are glamorous in looks and offer a wider vision. More than just a fashion piece, Woosh sunglasses is a powerful functional accessory for the outdoors, for both men and women. It shields your eyes from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun and improves performance. High quality polarized lenses that help you see clearly This pair of sunglasses has polarized lenses that help you see clearly. Polarized lenses let you drive safely by helping reduce the glare when you are outdoors, such as from the sun going low on the horizon, or the glare off the roads. If you are a fishing or marine life enthusiast, polarized lenses may help you see through the surface of a lake or stream. 

High Quality Materials Used for Maximum Durability Each component, from the legs, to the frame, to the hinges of this pair of sunglasses has been carefully manufactured using the high quality durable material so that you can keep using these sunglasses for many years to come. Features of Woosh Aqua Sunglasses: Polycarbonate Stylish Sunglasses Sturdy Stainless-Steel Hinges UV 400 | 100% UVA/UVB Protection Lens Measurement: 54 mm (W) x 44 mm (H) Frame Measurement: 139 mm (W) x 49 mm (H) x 140 mm (Temples) Sunglasses Come With Microfiber Pouch & Cloth

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