Spinner Fidget Toy by Aphilias

This toy is made to help you fidget. Ultimate durability and Quality makes this the best spinner for you.

It will take some time to break in, but the longer you spin it, the longer it will spin. 
To use the spinner, hold it in one of your hands and use your opposite hand to rapidly spin it with small continuous hits. You can also use one hand to start and stop the spinning with practice, this in particular is an popular way of fidgeting. Thanks to the buttons you can easily also spin it on the table.
The middle bearing is and 608 hybrid ceramic bearing, and then it also has 3 counterweight steel bearings. Each unit also includes a Cotton carrying pouch and 2 buttons.
If you clean your bearings, they will also spin longer. In case the toy starts to sound abnormal it might be time to clean it. If you want it to spin quieter you can also try to lubricate the center ball bearing.
This spinner is proudly tested and assembled by Aphilias in Finland.


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